How we ”Give Back” to community (partial list)

  • Las Vegas free music seminar “Music Business-Good, Bad & Ugly”, sponsored by Black Spirit Group executive and NAACP
  • $30,000 Black Spirit Group executive donation in apparel to Friendship Public charter schools in Washington DC
  • Over 24 golf clinics sponsored by Black Spirit Group VP and golfer Calvin Peete (Cal’s Pals) for at-risk-kids in detention centers and foster homes in Texas and Florida. Also golf outings and symposiums in partnership with the USGA
  • Come Together Day Festival by Black Spirit Group VP in conjunction with local media, that included a health pavilion, local and national performers, children’s Pavilion, a GED unit and sports education and demonstration

Black Spirit Group CEO co-created and maintained operations of:

  • Environmental summer camp for inner city youth and senior citizens within the confines of state parks
  • Christmas-No Child Without a Toy!, (including clothes and fruit)
  • Summer youth job training programs and internship in conjunction with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  • Lyceum Music Program, operational in Orleans public school system
  • Say Yes! to a Childs Math, Science & Technology program in association with Shell Oil